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To: Texas Legislature, Texas Governor

Stop the Texas Utility Steal !!!

Stop the Texas Utility Steal !!!

This Urgent Action must happen before this Legislative Session ends!
Worse outages and price gouging are planned for this summer! URGENT! Petition must go viral because it is VITAL to ALL Texans.
To Texas Legislators: Do not allow the energy suppliers of the Texas utility grid ERCOT to keep the over $55 billion  which they should not ever be allowed to charge Texans on the state utility grid ERCOT  in the first place.   That happened during the week of Winter Storm Uri of Feb 2021.  That was more than all of these Texas electric utilities were charged in total for all energy supplies for the past four years, according to former ECROT board member, Clifton Kanrei quoted in a report by Green Tech Media March 1 2021
" Texas Crisis Drives First Nonprofit Utility Bankruptcy, With More Fallout Expected" by Jeff St. John
Texas Legislators must write the following into SB2142, pass it this session and the governor must APPROVE:
SB 2142 Bill Title: Relating to correcting the prices of wholesale power and ancillary services sold in the ERCOT market during a certain period.
1. Reverse Completely for the entire week of the Winter Storm Uri
Unjust Public Utility Commission  Emergency Energy Price Order 51617 nullify the unjust laws creating the emergency energy price cap of $9,000 per MWhr (the average price is $21 per MWhr) that are cited in the order.

2.  Texas Legislature must not transfer energy emergency price approval or reversal decisions to ERCOT for the future instead of by elected legislators; that language in SB 2142 must be removed. 

3.  Add to SB 2142 language stating that TRE must be re-hired and mandate ERCOT following their recommendations and   using available funds and being connected to the national grids.
See and 
4. Investigate and apply enforcement and fines for not honoring their Texas Oaths of Public Office  if the ERCOT board actually refused to bring online available energy supplies and thus falsely claimed how short they were before the PUC emergency price was ordered
Also  investigate ERCOT Directors actions of paying out the emergency charges to the energy suppliers prior to the end of this legislative session for legislature approval or reversal of the emergency energy order.  Also if any members of  ERCOT or the PUC  were and are acting as lobbyists for the energy supply investors as is evident in the phone call you can listen to online at:
5. Immediately use available funds to adequately prepare and increase energy supply capacity of the Texas energy grid ERCOT using extreme weather ready green energy as much as possible and not using Nuclear energy because Texas is short on water needed for cooling to avoid meltdown.

Why is this important?

More shortages and price gouging are planned for this summer for Texans on the ERCOT state utility grid.   The extreme $9,000 (per megawatt hour) price hike energy law will continue to be applied. That law  was created during past legislation.   The Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC) order used it for the first time during Winter Storm Uri.  This petition's requested legislation is vitally and urgently needed and must be passed before the end of this legislative session to reverse the price hike order and to nullify the bad energy laws it cited.
These conflict with and violate other laws including: Texas Administrative Procedure Act, the Public Utility Regulatory Act ('PURA'), Public Utility Commission rules, and due process rights. These emergency pricing decisions are not reasonably supported by expert advice or evidence regarding either shortages or costs or protections for the public.

This moment in history is a tipping point for Texans.

 If this happens Texans can regain control over pricing and management of our public utilities.

  If this does not happen, the first time emergency price hike order will be approved by default (legislative inaction)  and the first time payout to investors will initiate federal commodification protections for  investor rights and creation of a new Wall Street hedge fund "Suppliers of ERCOT During Shortages"  market which will include investor-owned suppliers of both water and energy to our state  ERCOT utilities. Also NOAA long term forecasts predict very extreme heat and drought in the future starting this summer and extends these severe predictions over the next year.

Regarding both energy and water utilities: shortages in one lead to shortages in the other, and price gouging in both.  See Facebook Site "Water Angel - conservation"  to learn how the emergency extreme energy price gouging happened during Winter Storm Uri and how the legislature and governor-appointed energy boards have been responding since the storm ended.   Not  all of this has been reported at once for YOU to see the BIG Picture until posted on FB site "Water Angel - conservation."


Reasons for signing

  • Politics aside now. These urgent actions are vital to ALL TEXANS!! These actions will save lives!! More utility outages and price gouging like during storm Uri are planned now for this summer. But that can be stopped with the actions in this petition. If they happen in just a few weeks, can pivot our Texas leaders energy decision making toward protecting Texans and conservation and keeping our utilities stabilized.


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