To: Secretary Clinton, President Donald Trump, and Governor Pete Ricketts

Stop the TransCanada Pipeline

Dear Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton and Gov. Heineman,

Every elected official talks about the need for clean energy, biofuels, and energy independence. Now it's time to live up to your words.

We urge you--Sec. Clinton and Pres. Obama--to deny the permit to TransCanada.

We urge you--Gov. Heineman--to get serious about protecting our land and water and get state-based regulations passed in the Unicameral.

Stop the TransCanada pipeline. It's too risky and threatens the good life of Nebraska.

Why is this important?

TransCanada wants to build a risky tar sands oil pipeline right through the Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer. They are bullying Nebraska landowners and threatening our state's economic activity.

We cannot risk the Ogallala, which provides clean drinking water for 85% of Nebraskans and crop irrigation water for two million Americans in other states.

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