To: Jeff Miller, Chairman HVAC, Mike Michaud (D-Maine), Ranking Member HVAC, and The United States House of Representatives


Put all VA officials under oath (like everyone else) when they testify to House Veteran Affairs Committee (HVAC) or any other Congressional committee.

Why is this important?

When not under oath, there is no penalty for VA lying to Congress. This encourages VA to lie, and saves Congress the trouble of prosecuting them. This is the root cause of the culture of lies at the VA. Swear them all in, prosecute the ones who lie.


Reasons for signing

  • The VA (in general) is almost 100% a dog and pony show. Given the Secretary of the VA admitted that the VA is adversarial to veterans is an enormous neon red flag with flashing LED lights. I don't care how it gets done but IT'S TIME TO CLEAN HOUS! I'm not talking about simply the benefits side or the health care side . . . . I'm talking across the board . . . . CLEAN HOUSE!
  • homeless veteran cannot get help from local or hospital,louisville ky
  • don't believe in lies! don't make up lies!

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