To: President Donald Trump

Stop the War on Medical Marijuana

Stop Obama's war on legal medical marijuana! Tell the president to back off and stop destroying legal jobs and businesses. Tell him to keep his promise that he would leave the regulation of medical marijuana to the States.

Why is this important?

Obama's policy on medical marijuana is an about face of what he campaigned on in 2008. His policies are worse than those of George Bush. Obama is raiding and shutting down legal medical marijuana farmers and distributors, destroying jobs and businesses. The question must be asked, is he engaging in this war against legal business because big pharma now has an interest in researching the benefits of marijuana?


Reasons for signing

  • stop wasting our money on this start spending more to control the prices of big pharmacy corps. in America!
  • It was illegitimately made a Class 1 Drug to start with; it is time it was removed from that list!
  • Please stop this utterly wasteful, harmful, and medically unsound practice of waging a war on drugs, especially medical marijuana.