To: Rep. Ann Wagner (MO-2), Rep. Vicky Hartzler (MO-4), Rep. Sam Graves (MO-6), Rep. Billy Long (MO-7), and Rep. Jason Smith (MO-8)

Stop The War On Working Class Missourians

Republicans ran on putting Americans back to work in 2010. They won big on this message. It is high time to make Republicans own up to those empty promises. Republicans were not elected in 2010 to gut and destroy Medicare, or lower the taxes of corporate titans and Wall Street bankers. While working-class Missourians struggle to find a job and pay the bills, Republicans continue to ask Missourians to pony up and pay for their extravagant corporate welfare programs, while cutting vital human services for children and the elderly.

Tell the Missouri Republican Six that we have had enough. Sign our petition to send a message loud and clear that Missourians are watching, and the games stop now. Billionaires don't need you to hold their hand anymore. It is past time to get serious.

Why is this important?

All six Republican members of Congress in the state of Missouri supported the Paul Ryan budget, which would end Medicare as we know it and would continue to hand out corporate welfare, while working class Missourians continue to struggle. Enough is enough.