To: Expedia, Trivago, Procter & Gamble, Applebees, and Allstate

Stop Tucker Carlson - White Supremacist Agenda on Fox News

Stop Tucker Carlson from supporting and propagating a white supremacist agenda on Fox News.

Let's call out sponsors that they are funding this agenda.

Why is this important?

Only three days after the a white supremacist mass shooter in El Paso killed 22 people, Tucker Carlson went primetime on Fox News and declared that white supremacy is a hoax.

This is a blatant lie from Tucker Carlson, primarily because he has propagated similarly anti-immigrant, xenophobic, and blatantly racist ideas that are bent on fear-mongering. Tucker wants to think that white supremacy is a hoax, because he does not want to accept that he is complicit in giving voice to these ideas.

Tucker needs to be taken off the air, and his advertisers need to stop funding hate.

Especially now that he is purposefully misinforming Fox News viewers about the rise of white supremacy. I have family members who are Fox News viewers and they are constantly being misinformed.


Reasons for signing

  • Tucker Carlson is seating divide ness and doing irreparable damage to our country and democracy.
  • he has to go because he is telling people to confront people who have masks on and telling them to call the cops and CPS on parents who have masks on there kids saying haveing your kid have a mask on is child abuse . this could cause major problems for some people ..... this is not the 1st time he has said something like this but it is the straw that broke the camel's back for me
  • Tucker Carlson is escalating. This week he mainstreamed the replacement theory. And what are ‘native Americans’?! Him? Don’t think so. No one here is native except the indigenous people who have managed to survive a genocide. Otherwise we are all immigrants mostly from the 19th and 20th century. He’s a fraud and a liar spreading vicious hate to vulnerable people who don’t know whom to blame for their misery. The fact he remains is outrageous because what he says is incitement.