To: Mayor Jean Quan, Mayor of Oakland

Stop Verizon from Installing Antennas Too Close to Schools

Stop construction of cell antennas at 1001 42nd St, Oakland, CA. Follow the lead of many other cities to keep cell antennas at a precautionary distance from young children.

Why is this important?

Many cities and school districts across the globe are demanding cell antennas be no less than 1500 feet from schools - taking precautionary measures to protect the permeable skulls of children from the potential dangers of constant electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Verizon is poised to install 9-12 cell antennas 100 feet from North Oakland Community Charter School and the thriving Destiny Community Arts Center, and around the corner from Anna Yates Elementary in Emeryville – over 1,000 children in close proximity. We are calling on Oakland’s Mayor Quan, Verizon and the property owner, McGrath Properties, to stop construction, and observe recommended precautions for our children.