To: The United States Senate

Stop Wolf Trapping in Montana

End wolf trapping as a means to control wolf population.

Why is this important?

Montana state government just made it unnecessary to get a permit to hunt a wolf. They think the population (well under a thousand) is too high. They also are permiting trapping to kill wolves.


Reasons for signing

  • This barbaric torture has to come to an end. These animals feel pain just as we do. These not only destroy families of wolves but other animals as well. Every year hundreds of pets are also trapped in them. Children has been severely harmed. If at any point it is determined wildlife biologist that numbers are far far too high (wolves and or other predators) there are safe and PREVENTATIVE measures that can be taken. PLEASE ABOLISH TRAPPING
  • The words “hunting or trapping” mean MURDER. NO EXCUSES: Those who neglect, disrespect, abuse, torture, and murder animals must be exposed , fined, and/or imprisoned, pay for their extensive rehab counseling and or psychiatric treatment. As part of their treatment they should do hard labor building animal sanctuaries and shelters. They should install billboards, bus signs, street signs, post posters, pass out flyers for animal PROTECTION & CRUELTY FREE AWARENESS & EDUCATION. ...
  • Barbaric trapping belongs way back in the Middle Ages - NOT the 21st Century!