To: Honorable Brad King, State Attorney, Honorable Howard H. "Skip" Babbs, Public Defender, Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida, Honorable Brad King, State Attorney, Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida, President Donald Trump, The Florida State ...


Stop wrongful convictions now. Too many innocent citizens are in our prisons. DNA evidence has released some, yet too many still remain in prison.

Why is this important?

Wrongful convictions are at epidemic proportions! DNA evidence has released many innocent citizens. Prosecutor and police misconduct to close a case, and ensure a "high conviction" rate keeps this epidemic alive and well. In Florida, Harold W. Scism became victim to a wrongful conviction in 2009. He was given a life sentence for a crime that never occurred. There was no evidence nor DNA evidence. The prosecutor, known for her high conviction rate, was later given the judgeship. Enough is enough. STOP wrongful convictions NOW!!!


Reasons for signing

  • Trying to understand horse sentencing without criminal violence up on the road I'll 1020 life this young man have been in there almost 25 years he lost his mother his sister and his stepdad and 25 years of his life now he's trying to do a motion to have his sentence re sentence I'm learning this as I go he's a special friend of mine's and I'm just trying to help him and other people that's in his same situation thank you and God bless
  • We are a group of students from CAIS in San Francisco researching wrongful convictions. We would love to support this cause and petition.
  • too many people are in jail, Do you want to add more people and children and many more.