To: The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, and Governor Tom Wolf

strengthen megans law in Pennsylvania

Recent events in Pennsylvania have shown that the laws regarding sex offenders in this state are to lax. We request that the laws be changed to 1-require all convicted sex offenders to wear GPS monitoring devices the only person authorized to remove the device would be the county coroner or a designated deputy coroner after the offender is declared dead. 2-Counties be authorized to ban registered sex offenders from all public libraries in the county violation of this would be a second class misdemenor and police officers could arrest without a warrant for any violation witnessed by a library employee or volunteer.
3-Any home which is the residence of a sex offender must not decorate for halloween or give out candy so that children are not attracted to the home. Further the home must display a sign on all doors identifying that a registered sex offender lives there to prevent children from coming to the home accidently.
The cost of gps monitoring and the signs posted on the doors must be paid by the offender. If an offender cannot afford to comply he will be arrested and jailed for no less then 6 months. Any offender who fails to maintain the monitor in working condition will be guilty of a felony and if convicted would be sentenced to a term of their natural life without possibility of parole.

Why is this important?

Despite recent updates to the state law on sex offenders we still are to easy on these people in Pennsylvania. We need tougher laws like other states have. I have incorporated laws from Texas, California and Tennessee into this proposal. No longer should be Pennsylvania be a sanctuary for these type offenders


Reasons for signing

  • Any sex offender deserves to be punished they are extremely sick in the head!!
  • i was raped when i was 14 lost my virginity and got prego all at once and to top it off i knew him he was a friend of the family so u cant trust anyone
  • lets start holding these "people" accountable for their actions!!! no more tap on the back of the wrist!!!!