To: President Donald Trump

Student Loan Lottery

Create a Student Loan Lottery to help citizens help each other pay off their student loan debt without the challenges of attempting to pass forgiveness legislation.

Why is this important?

Student loan debt continues to grow at a steady rate while middle income salaries have flat-lined for 30 years and the ideals of earning a degree to contribute to society both financially and socially are dwindling. Citizens want to continue their pursuit of their American Dream and they are willing to try anything to reel in their debt and start building capital, including playing lottery games like Powerball. We have learned quickly that few win in Powerball, and their winnings don't make much of a difference to the rest of us playing. I request that we consider a nationwide Student Loan Lottery game. Players (both with debt or without) could purchase tickets either online or at convenience stores. Jackpots could be used to pay student loan debt incurred to that date, if short, remaining debt would remain, if some funds remained following payoff - they could be added to the future jackpot. In essence, we could pay off each others student loan debts and truly make a difference.


Reasons for signing

  • Thank you. Had the same idea so signing it.
  • Everyone needs a little help! I am more than willing to help pay in a little to help someone else pay off their loans so we can somehow get a fresh start in life and not have to worry about this debillitating debt!