To: President Donald Trump, Rep. Joe Neguse (CO-2), Sen. Michael Bennet (CO-1), The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Students for Intellectual Property Rights

Student involvement in the creation of intellectual property (IP) is increasingly generating real economic and social value. Yet, Universities often assert blanket ownership over student innovation when the slightest bit of institutional resources are involved. Students are tuition-paying customers, yet the IP policies imposed are the same as in employer contracts universities have with their faculty and researchers. These unfair and often ambiguous campus IP policies threaten to stymie the culture of student innovation and entrepreneurship sweeping the nation and already taking hold at leading institutions around the country.

Why is this important?

With your help we can strengthen our movement to promote the legislation nationwide. Ask congress to help remove this roadblock preventing millions of students from generating IP, starting companies and creating jobs. Our goal is to reach to the most influential policy makers. Require our nation's public institutions to implement student-friendly IP policies in the upcoming Higher Education Reauthorization Act.