To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

STV(Stop The Violence)!

It's a new year,people!Let's step up and start making a difference to the world before it dies too soon!

Why is this important?

I feel utterly disgusted with how this world operates and some of the people in it.I no longer even have the audacity to even call myself a HUMAN BEING. The actions that people do that get viewed on news make me wonder why...why is this world so filled with uglyness..?It has such potential and it's not being shown because of people.We need to do something about this NOW.No more saying "Yeah stop the bullying!"yet it STILL going on!!!!!!It's a new year people!We need to step things up..WORLDWIDE!.

Below is a perfect example of what's going on in what we call "society"and how action is being not taken seriously!

**Example of why violence needs to STOP NOW!**

-1/17/2012: Okay so many of you know about the beating of the Asian guy getting beat by 7 people. And its all over youtube now to get this kids found and caught, well it worked. Those kids have been brought to interrogation and guess what. NO CHARGES WERE PLACED.
Ummm okay, what happened to stop bullying?
HERES THE VIDEO (Note: cannot view unless you are 18+ due to the graphic)