To: Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco

Summer of LOVE

Save the Summer of Love 50th Anniversary concert from cancellation by the City of San Francisco Park and Rec Department which refuses to allow a permit to the PEOPLE. This is a community grassroots event organized by volunteers years in the planning. Larger corporate events, which pay large fees are given permits -- the commons are for the people and we demand access!

Why is this important?

I attended my first community organizing meeting for the 50th Anniversary of Summer of Love three years ago -- a grassroots and volunteer led effort to come together in celebration of a cultural shift towards peace, love and understanding. City commons are for the people, and to refuse us a permit because we are not a large professional event corporation is wrongful.


Reasons for signing

  • Ten years ago they had the 40th anniversary in Golden Gate Park and it was excellent. How can there not be a 50th anniversary?
  • It is a travisty to not have this celebration. I was at the original and the 40th.
  • thats not fair! they need summer of love back now! love is love. impossible to stop history. impossible to stop love. its about love music concert not government's business. this is a public community not a private communtiy. they demand public access now! as long its not violent. refusing service and permit are wrong.