To: The Colorado State House, The Colorado State Senate, and Governor Jared Polis

Super Shuttle Unfair to Drivers

Super Shuttle would like to force the drivers wages to $11.50 a 30% pay cut, which would then entitle them to food stamps, Medicaid and heating assistance. The workers for Super Shuttle Denver deserve a fair and decent contract.

Why is this important?

The workers for Super Shuttle Denver have been trying to get a fair and decent contract for 2 years.Please visit and like the face book page for Super Shuttle Drivers


Reasons for signing

  • Do not give in,stand strong!
  • I worked to Unionize SuperShuttle in Austin TX and I stand with the workers of SuperShuttle in Colorado.
  • In our economic lethargy , this isn't even an American based company that is screwing over the people that help make it work. How about some better congressional representation for the American citizen workers?