To: Democratic Superdelegates

Superdelegates: Don't Deny Democracy

Commit to honoring the voters - let everyone know that you won’t allow your vote to defeat our votes. Announce that in the event of a close race, you’ll align yourself with regular voters - not party elites.

Why is this important?

Bernie Sanders is on a roll among actual voters, with a blowout victory in New Hampshire (22 points!) and a virtual tie in Iowa. When Bernie is on the ballot - he can win. But in a close race, Superdelegates can snatch that victory away.

Only by pushing back against this possibility can we ensure that the candidate WE vote for becomes the nominee.

Organized by Emilijana Ulaj and Rob Akleh of Ready to Fight, Joshua Grossman of Progressive Kick, and Jenni Siri of Women for Bernie.