To: The West Virginia State House and The West Virginia State Senate

Support a "fix" for Citizens United vs FEC

SUPPORT A RESOLUTION for a "Citizens United vs FEC"

A petition to pass your resolutions (SR24 & HR9) calling for the overturning of the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United vs FEC” by Constitutional Amendment.


• Citizens without great wealth have become disenfranchised since the Supreme Court ruled that money is speech. Money shouts. Ordinary citizens like us can’t be heard over that noise.

We demand that the rights guaranteed us by our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights be restored.

We need the Constitution to be amended to acknowledge these self-evident truths – that a corporation is not a person, that money is not free speech, and that We, the People have a right to limit special interest money in politics.

Why is this important?

The WV Legislature is again considering HR9 & SR24 - House and Senate Resolutions calling for a US Constitutional Amendment to undo the damage caused the Supreme Court's 'Citizens United' vs FEC decision. We need hundreds of WV Citizens to sign the petition to the Legislature asking them to pass these Resolutions!