To: Governor Gavin Newsom

Support AB 1199 to improve CA's Tax Credit Program for musicians

California has seen music scoring work plummet in the last 15 years in the face of runaway production and post-production. The Film & Television Tax Credit Program is a significant factor in bringing more of this work to the state, but continued improvements are needed to ensure the fair treatment of the professional musicians who rely on jobs creating the soundtracks to motion pictures and TV shows as their primary way to earn a living.

AB 1199, authored by Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, introduces language that would for the first time require a specified amount of the total expenditures relating to music post-production be done in California in order for a production to qualify for an added rebate. Musicians applaud this preliminary language as a significant step in the right direction, and are optimistic that further development of the bill will continue to improve upon the existing tax credit program as it relates to music scoring in California.

It is imperative that California policymakers take decisive steps now to ensure production companies that benefit from the state's $300-million annual tax credit program are made accountable to hold professional musicians to the same industry standard as actors, writers, grips, carpenters, drivers and other industry workers.

Why is this important?

Representing more than 7,000 professional musicians in Los Angeles, the American Federation of Musicians Local 47 is dedicated to improving the lives of our hard-working members in L.A. and throughout California. Stand with the thousands of professional musicians and other workers in California whose livelihoods depend upon the vitality of the state's motion picture and television industry and support AB 1199 to amend the CA Film & TV Tax Credit Program.