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To: Hamilton College Administration

Demonstrate Support for Jeff

Beloved College Chaplain Jeff McArn was silently and secretly fired at the end of June, with no explanation or accusation of wrongdoing. Jeff has been my supervisor, mentor, and dear friend for more than four years, and this news breaks my heart. While sad, I am not surprised. Jeff consistently and critically stood up to administration, fighting for the recognition of Hamilton’s colonial history, our obligation to the Oneida Nation and our failed promise of Indigenous co-education, and accessibility progress on school grounds. He also supported various student endeavors, such as discussion and dinner groups for religious trauma, grief, spiritual enquiry, access to and acknowledgement of different religious groups, and Recoup and Soup, among others.
Jeff has been a pillar of the Hamilton Community for over 25 years, and this treatment is unacceptable.

Why is this important?

Please sign this petition to show support for Jeff and let him — as well as the Hamilton DOSL — know that he is an important and valued community member. He was let go after commencement and finals, ensuring that very few people would be around to notice the change. This also meant we could not say our goodbyes, and honor a person who served the community for decades. This was wrong, and Jeff deserves better.



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