To: Dr. Meng Xianlin, Executive Director general of China's CITES management

Support Funding for Anti-Poaching Education

Fund the education of wildlife conservation for the people in Asia to help them become aware of the slaughter of elephants in Africa and it's tragic affects on the orphan calves left behind.

Why is this important?

The root of the Ivory Trade is the Asian Market. 25,000 African elephants were poached for their ivory last year. Even more were killed this year= 2012/2013. If funding for education of the conservation of mega fauna and what it means for healthy ecosystems and the ripple effect on all of our lives was made a priority we could get a handle on this crisis. The citizens who have signed this petition are demanding that awareness be made in all venues to make it clear that... "If you buy, they die". Funding needs to be directed towards curriculum that denounces religious beliefs or value crazes that raise the price of ivory on the Asian market.


Reasons for signing

  • YEEEEAH stop poaching
  • Education on the importance of preserving mega fauna, rather than its exploitation, is vital to support local communities and the wildlife that is integral to their ecosystems.
  • sebmLn

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