To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Support ITT-Tech Warriors

We are students from ITT-Technical Institute that are victims of the predatory lending that is taking over the student loan industry. Fraudulent loans were taken out in our names by this for-profit college.

Why is this important?

ITT-Technical Institute targeted veterans, low income families and single parents. We were promised a quality education, 80% job placement and that our credits would transfer to other colleges and universities. They forced many of us to pay on our loans while we were in school, after telling us we did not have to pay anything out of pocket until after we graduated. The school never gave us a chance to have control of our financial destiny; they failed to tell students before signing the enrollment agreement that their financial aide would be maxed out by the school. In order for a student to finish the program, they will have to take out the "Temp Credit" through the school at 0% interest until paid off; that was a lie. The school turned around and sold those loans to private lenders with interest rates ranging from 13%-28%; it's like funding your education on a credit card. These were terms set by the banks and the school without the student ever being notified. This is a violation of the Truth In Lending Act. Many students were forced to quit their programs before ever gaining their degrees, because they were misled. Others stuck it out, to find out that their degrees hold no value due to the accreditation, value of education and their reputation. We are students, family, friends and supporters that will not stop fighting to get these loans forgiven. Education should be free in the country, putting a end to the predatory lending and the poverty it is creating. "Our voices will be heard." We stand with you, Corinthian 100, Strength in Solidarity.