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To: Residents of Riverside County

Support IsenGarden, a legal cannabis cultivation in Riverside County California

Howdy! I’m Jenni, my partner, Crispy, and I have been residents of The Sage Community for over 4 years. We are proposing a small cannabis cultivation business in unincorporated Riverside County, California.

I’m a dance teacher and singer-songwriter, Crispy is a Veteran and a chef. IsenGarden is our small family business, something we’ve been working towards for the last 5 years and dreaming of for even longer. We’re applying for a small cultivation license, less than 10,000 sqft, which is the maximum allowed here and will never be bigger than that. It will be a fully indoor facility that we will build in our back yard. Our change of zone is for Light Agricultural Use for our small farm, not commercial or industrial. Additionally we’ve applied for a type 13 distribution license which will enable us to drive our own products to retailers, keeping the traffic on the mountain to a minimum. We are NOT a retailer, we are cultivators ONLY. This facility is not open to the public.

Our mission is to heal, educate, and elevate our community. The safety and well being of the people, wildlife, and natural habitat of Sage Community is of utmost importance to us. Since 2019 we have conducted multiple detailed studies to ensure we meet all qualifications set forth by the state and county.

We live off Red Mountain road, and have been discussing our intentions openly with our neighbors for the last 4 years, we are grateful to have their friendship and support. Red Mountain is our home. We’re not some big business with an agenda. I’m just a teacher with a big dream :)

In regards to the water, we will have a rainwater harvesting mechanism and a water filtration system that will recycle 97% of the irrigation water. We have mitigation measures for noxious odors that are required by the county that will scrub the air clean inside our building.

Our public benefits will go directly to the sage community every year in the form of taxes for improvements and maintenance of the neighborhood. We’ve been working closely with riverside county to ensure we are in compliance with every request and regulation.

If you support local, sustainably grown cannabis business in full compliance with the law, please sign this petition.

We need all the support we can get!

Why is this important?

If you believe in the healing powers of cannabis and the need for local, sustainably grown medicine that will benefit our community, please sign this petition.
Community support is the most important part of the approval process. By signing this petition you can help us achieve our goal of obtaining a cultivation license from Riverside County.

How it will be delivered

The results of this petition will be sent to Riverside county to be used in our public hearing on August 3rd.



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