To: Richard A. Sands, MIRRC - Board Chair/Executive President, Richard A. Sands, FAN - Downriver Chapter, Board Chair/Executive President, The Michigan State House, The Michigan State Senate, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Support Michigan Anti-ATM Bridge Card Abuse Laws

Please support and respectfully ask your colleagues, all State of Michigan legislators, to (Amend the following language in Parentheses hereunder to include) The People of the State of Michigan Enact: HB-4858, 4859, 4860, SB-434, 435 and 436 "A Credit Union, Savings Bank, Bank (Vendor and/or Independent Contractor) that owns, operates, or manages an Automated Teller Machine located on the premises of a Casino, Casino Enterprise, Liquor Store, or Adult Entertainment Establishment Shall ensure that the Automated Teller Machine does not allow an individual access to cash benefits from a Michigan Bridge Card.

Why is this important?

The current language in all six bills "HB-4858, 4859, 4860, SB-434, 435 and 436" fails to include those, the Vendors and/or Independent Contractors who own, operate and manage their private ATMs that would or will fall, slipping through the cracks, holes or gaps in legally mandating compliance with the law, justifies our request to amend said same.


Reasons for signing

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