To: John Watson, CEO, Chevron

Support Polish farmers in calling for Chevron to Stand Down!

Step away from your current standoff with Polish Farmers over unpermitted gas drilling and fracking operations.

Why is this important?

Since June 3, farmers and residents in Poland are in a stand-off with Chevron.

Under the protection of security, and in a very tense atmosphere, Chevron took possession of land to install a fence and drill a well.

According to the locals, this land has only been permitted for seismic testing. The authorization for drill testing was canceled in June 2012 and therefore Chevron has no right to drill.

The Polish farmers are opposed to unconventional shale gas drilling because it could lead to the contamination of their water and land; during previous seismic tests on-site explosives were used and had already caused water pollution, it became unfit for consumption.

Chevron refuses to listen to the famers and local authorities are refusing to resolve the ongoing conflict.

We denounce Chevron Poland’s practices and urge them to STAND DOWN!

Sign the petition and stand in solidarity with farmers in Poland!


Reasons for signing

  • Switch your provider to one with a solar or wind option. Get an electric car if you can.
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