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To: Governor J.B. Pritzker

Support the Rights of Birthing People and Improve Birth Outcomes in Illinois

Follow the lead of New York Governor Cuomo in allowing doulas to support birthing people in Illinois hospitals.

Why is this important?

We base our request to amend visitor policies and to reinstate doulas in addition to the birthing person's chosen partner upon a wealth of human rights legislation, the guidance of professional organizations who work to protect the rights of birthing people, and the widely documented research evidence which identifies that the physical and emotional support provided by doulas positively impacts birth outcomes. 

Doulas are of particular importance to the maternity care team during this pandemic as the support they offer promotes increased rates of physiological birth that ultimately reduce the risk of exposure to COVID19 through shorter hospital stays and reduce staff burden. They also improve birth outcomes and the holistic health of birthing people and their babies.


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