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Support Ukrainians to reunite with their families in US

Support Ukrainians  to reunite with their families in US

Over 3 million people have fled Ukraine in the month since Russia invaded, and experts estimate that number could double in the coming months. Many of those people have family in US . Family members in US are able to support their loved ones, who are desperate for help. Help to reunite families who suffer from war in Ukraine. This is not a refugee program.
Ask US government and President Biden to ease visa requirements and expedite existing cases for Ukrainians who have families in US .

Thank you for your support.

Why is this important?

We all heard about war in Ukraine. Millions of people had to escape the war zone , they had to leave behind everything they had in life. They are scared, exhausted, lost, heartbroken. Some of those people have families in US. Family members who are US citizens or permanent residents are able to provide for their loved ones
everything they need . Ukrainians need family support more than ever. But It takes years to obtain family based visa. It is very important to be with your family , comfort each other , hope together for a future.



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