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To: Sacramento residents

Support Walking, Biking and Rolling in Sacramento

The meeting this petition was created for was last night. City Council heard our interests and we are moving forward. Success.

cartoon by Dave Walker, in the UK.

UPDATE: The Sacramento City Council is holding a workshop on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, to consider transportation in our city in the context of climate change. It has been postponed in order to find an exceptional speaker who can push our leaders to take action on steps needed to commit to and fund a comprehensive active transportation plan that can help us meet our climate goals and achieve a bikable, walkable, livable, city for everyone.

It is past time for Sacramento to commit to and fund a comprehensive active transportation system that prioritizes safety, addresses inequities, reduces air pollution, reduces traffic congestion, decreases the cost of transportation, and creates a vibrant, livable city. Now is the moment to demand for these changes with an influx of Federal funding arriving in Sacramento. WE NEED YOUR VOICE!

In its final report, the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change recommended that to achieve its climate goals, Sacramento must prioritize the use of active transportation, public transit, and shared mobility services, and then electrify remaining vehicles. Reducing vehicle miles traveled by prioritizing walking, biking, rolling, and transit is the most effective way to reduce emissions in Sacramento.

We are asking the Sacramento City Council to:
1. Build a Comprehensive Active Transportation Network.
Commit to and take action to build a seamless, low-stress network of active transportation corridors, for the central city and connections into and out of the city. An infrastructure that supports safe walking, biking and rolling should include the following elements: separated bikeways, secure bicycle parking, adequate lighting, widened sidewalks, traffic calming, and other speed reduction measures.

2. Commit Funding.
Prioritize and set aside funding within the city budget for an active transportation program. Set aside the necessary matching funds to qualify for the federal and state infrastructure programs this year and in future years. Deliberately seek additional funding and financing through grants, state and federal programs, and other revenue sources.

3. Adopt Policy Guidance to Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled.
All land use decisions should require consideration of reducing vehicle miles traveled when new projects and modifications to existing projects are evaluated by staff and reviewed and approved by City Commissions and Council.

4. Focus on Equity.
Prioritize a consistent focus on equity for project timing and funding.

5. Engage the Community.
Engage the community and regional experts in developing an active transportation program that works for everyone.

6. Ensure Adequate Staffing.
Ensure adequate staffing and resources to develop and administer the program, including the funding/financing aspect.

The deadline for signing the petition is February 6th at 5 pm. Let our Mayor and City Council know that a well-funded active transportation program is essential to a clean and livable city. Please sign now and spread the word. Thank you.

Why is this important?

Transportation is the leading cause (over 50 %) of greenhouse gas emissions in Sacramento. Our air quality is among the worst in the country. Traffic is congested and speeding in neighborhoods is rampant. Sacramento will not reach its climate goals if we keep doing what we've always done.

One of the least expensive ways to reduce GHGs is to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and most people use their car to make short trips (3 miles or less each day). We need to get people to leave their cars parked and choose walking, biking or rolling to reach their destinations around town.

How it will be delivered

We are building a website and will link this in the site. Plus we have many partner organizations who will spread this word to their constituents. It will be broadcasted via social media channels and on FB pages among partner organizations and local non-profits.

This petition is supported by: Breathe, CA, Civic Thread, ECOS, Midtown Neighborhood Assn, SABA, and Valley Vision.




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