To: Bill Bratton, New York City Police Commissioner and Bill deBlasio, Mayor of New York City

Suspend the Staten Island NYPD four

Four New York City police officers, who are as yet unnamed, have been caught on tape brutally beating a gay man, Louis Falcone. Please remove them from patrol duty pending investigation outcome.

Why is this important?

New York City Police Department claims an investigation is in the works regarding this police brutality incident in Staten Island's 122nd precinct . But as yet, NYPD will not say if any disciplinary measures have been taken. The video of the assault is self-evident that these four officers lack the appropriate judgment to safely serve our city's citizens and have no business patrolling the streets of New York City armed with guns and badges. There is nothing that indicates the level of force was appropriate, or that four officers could not have detained the subject without hospitalizing him.


Reasons for signing

  • This shows how police get violent, power hungry, and hate crimes happen. Not all police are arrogant and discriminatory men and women, but our 4th amendments are basically taken away now and it's just going to get worse on everyone now that this has happened! I hope that the NYPD does the RIGHT thing! God bless this man and he has a speedy recover!
  • VWc3i8
  • The law applies to all who break it no matter their position. Without equality before the law democracy is hoax.