To: John Cullerton, Illinois Senate majority leader, Michael Madigan, Illinois House majority leader, Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago, The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor J.B. Pritzker

Sustainable funding for Chicago Public Schools, not bankruptcy

Our state and city leaders must work together toward sustainable solutions to fund our public education system. Children in Chicago need stability and well-resourced education. Bankruptcy is not a solution. There are many sensible and even promising solutions that have not been tried. It's time for solutions, not last resorts.

Why is this important?

It's time for sustainable solutions to fund our public education system, not last resorts, like bankruptcy. There are many sensible and even promising solutions that have not been tried.

We support the following reforms to ensure our children’s future.

At the state level:
Reinstate the 5% income tax that ended Jan. 2015, costing the state billions, or implement a fair tax structure
Add a state sales tax on services to yield additional revenue
Close corporate loopholes and end corporate subsidies
Contribute toward Chicago teacher pensions

At the city level:
Immediately shut down TIF districts that no longer meet their original purpose of developing blighted areas
Return at least $400 million of TIF surplus to taxing bodies this year
Enact a corporate income tax
Raise property taxes by a modest amount as a last resort

At the CPS level:
Stop spending on nonessential items and explore cutting contracts that we’ve shared (
Reduce central office departments such as Innovation/Incubation, Accountability, and Family and Community Engagement
Stop charter expansion and selective enrollment high school expansion

We look to your example of leadership and stewardship during this challenging time. Our children and our schools depend on you. Please act now to raise revenue.


Reasons for signing

  • We are changing the new bell timing for the school hours today and bell schedule will be changed today
  • Please don't punish the children of Chicago for the mistakes that adults have made.
  • Rahm: You once said something like, “I will not allow dysfunction in Springfield to dictate the future of this city.” Please focus less on the “dysfunction in Springfield” portion and more on the “I will not allow” part. As for the rest of you: Maybe you should abandon your eternal pissing match and, you know, govern? Just a thought.

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