To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Sustainable Labling

We believe that organic food growers should not be penalized for providing better quality services and additionally that large farms and agribusiness should:

1) Be financially responsible for either lableing their own products as poisoned (like cigarettes) and/or

2) Financially responsible for any costs levyd on organic farmers by the state or FDA or USDA so that there are no penalties or negative incentives on groups or individuals who invest in healthier better quality food options for our communites, families and children.

3) That Genetically Modified Foods MUST be labled and grown in ways that make them unable to cross contaminate any other crops and if they are found to be in violation of this law the Genetically Modified Food grower is liable for damages paid to the individual farmers whos crops are cross pollinated AS WELL as fines for negligence and reckless endangerment of our collective food supply.

Why is this important?

We have been tricked into creating incentives which reward those who cut corners, who are more invested in profiting off of our communities that supporting them and who make money from investing in poisoning our children and families at large.

If we simply shift the costs from the sustainable, progressive, locally owned business back to the international profit at all costs with no regard for health or quality of life for workers or consumers model we will be on our way to investing in ourselves rather than in a third yaught for international company board members who pay no taxes and are destroying he world ON OUR DIME!

My idea is simple. Lets start by shifting the incentive from rewarding exploitation and pesticide use and Genetically Modified Food use (which is already cheaper to do and difficult for local farmers to engage in a proper livelihood against) to rewarding and supporting local growers. US. So GMO companies need to lable their foods. We want to know and we care aqnd they dont have to lable but local organic farmers do? This is outrageous and self destructive insanity?!

Its time for people who POISON the food to lable and take on that burden. They must also be the ones being audited and and paying extra money into our system to cover healthcare costs fromall of the sicknesses caused by pesticide(POISON) treated foods and the cross contamination from Genetically modified foods as crops.

If we do this simple thing. Transferring the onus from the local healthy food groweer to the HUGE multi Million dollar corporation who has no stake in the local economy tanking or thriving as they can always open new markets. Our local farmer cant just sell food to china. The infrastructure propping up the current agriculture industry is going to collapse soon with the advent of fossil fuels becoming more and more expensive.

Its time to free our local farmers to do their jobs and thrive because as they thrive so will our communities when times get rough they will feed us.

The big corporations will just figure out how to profit from our bad luck and suck us for every possible penny.

If you want to live in communities that have a chance to thrive in the face of a coming and current economic crisis then Ssign this petition.

Force agricorps to shoulder the burden of lableing their veggies rather than organic farmers and the indiustry will suddely favor organic foods being grown. Who doesnt want to eat organic food that costs less money to buy?