To: Jason Bashaw, District 1 County Commissioner, Clyde Fleming, District 2 County Commissioner, Ricky Gamble, District 3 County Commissioner, Phil Oxendine, District 4 County Commissioner, and Wesley Wainright, District 5 County Commissioner

Suwannee County say's "NO" to Toxic Waste

Don't allow a medical waste incinerator in Suwannee County. Do not allow any companies to locate at the catalyst site "by right" without having to come before the board in a public hearing. Protect the natural resources of North Florida by stopping the plan to burn medical waste in Suwannee County.

Why is this important?

The pristine natural resources of North Florida's historic Suwannee River, a nearby rare karst spring, agriculture, livestock, and the people's health are threatened by a planned medical waste incinerator’s burning thousands of pounds of medical waste per day. According to the EPA, the emissions will include acid gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride, as well as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, cadmium, lead, mercury, dioxins, furans, and particulate matter.
Unfortunately, our local county commissioners have recently voted on amendments authorizing special exceptions and special permits which have relinquished the Board's rights to hold public hearings and the public's voice to be heard in the matter of use of the land where this medical incinerator is to be built. We ask that the Suwannee County Commissioners reverse their previous decisions regarding land use rights and regulations for the catalyst site.
Please help us stop this threat and injustice! Thank you for your support.