To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Take prescription drug advertisements off television

Bulldozer Health Inc. is determined to make sure that people are no longer influenced several times a day by the advertising of prescription drugs on television. We feel that television is not the proper medium to deliver information about something that can be deadly to a person. The advertisements often target people in distress, and show happy scenes while listing very harmful side effects often including, and up to, death.
There are many alternatives to prescription drugs, and there is no equal time for these alternatives largely because those who deliver the alternatives do not have the funding necessary to purchase television time. The proper place to hear prescription drug options is in the office of a qualified physician. Please join us and sign our petition.
Let's get these advertisements off the television!

Why is this important?

I became very ill in 2011, and was soon bulldozed on 16 different pharmaceutical medications. I was given one medication and then more to treat the side effects of that and so on. I had been told that I was going to die either from the medication or from the disease that I had. Since that time, I have been disabled. With that, I have been home and watching more television than I ever have in my life. While gravely ill, I remember watching the advertisements and wanting to feel well and happy and do all of the positive things that they show in the ads. I have been taking back my health over the last year. It is a process and I am on a positive recovery pattern. Part of my recovery has been to reduce pharmaceuticals and only take them when the benefit outweighs the risk. While this is a personal choice one must make, it is essential to taking back one's health. I am not only recovering from the effects of the diseases I have, but also from pharmaceutical overload. I believe the advertisements are detrimental to a person's health, and often create tunnel vision with regard to health choices.
Also, the subliminal seduction associated with advertising on television is no place for body and mind altering substances. Isn't that part of the reason that we took tobacco advertisements off of television?
Let's put prescription drug information back where it should be. At the physician's office.
Thank you.


Reasons for signing

  • Its gotta stop. Im tired of hearing 20 seconds of how good the drug is & 35 secs of possible side effects.. Which most include.. May cause death..
  • Man-made medicine kills just as many people as it helps. Cannabis he many things, but it does not leave its users DEAD. Seems like a common sense issue that people don't want because of money. The people in control are sickening.
  • The pharmaceutical industry values the Power of Profit over the Health & Wellness of People...It is a Mega Business that is only concerned about "The Almighty Dollar $$$$$."...I can relate to this, all too well...My doctor treated me like a "Human Guinea Pig" by overmedicating me...The countless side effects I suffered were extremely serious & outweighed the benefits of many of the pharmaceutical drugs that were prescribed...I was too ill to self-advocate & be proactive...Television is satura...