To: Flagler County School Board

Take Tasers out of Flagler County Schools

We the undersigned, petition the Flagler School Board to prohibit the use of Tasers in the Flagler County Schools.

Why is this important?

Tasers have risks associated with their use. The law mandates that parents send their children to school. Schools act in loco parentis and are responsible for the safety of the children in their care. Parents can not Tase their children with impunity. Take the police out of the schools and hire trained unarmed security guards in their place. Students don't shed their constitutional rigbts at the schoolhouse door.


Reasons for signing

  • First they cut the budget, then they want to force the students to wear uniforms, now they want to taze them. Sounds like a concentration camp to me. School is for learning it's has to be stress free. Why do they have the cops there anyway? Students should not be subject to the goon squad
  • The schools should police themself.
  • I support a zero tolerance policy on violence in schools. No violence on the part of students and no violence on the part of authorities!