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Taxi Drivers in Montgomery County Need a Raise, Better Working Conditions

Taxi drivers in Montgomery County, Md., are overworked and barely make minimum wage because of the tens of thousands in fees they have to pay to their taxi company. I’m calling on you to support taxi drivers in their calls for a Passenger and Driver Bill of Rights. It would make sure drivers make a living wage and have basic workplace protections while improving service for riders and regulating companies like Uber.

Why is this important?

Taxi drivers, like me, who work in Montgomery County, Md., work 16-hour days, but many of us struggle to feed our families because of the tens of thousands of dollars in fees we have to pay to companies like Barwood.

Many drivers barely make minimum wage and can be fired without cause because we have no protections on the job. But we’re fighting back. We are pushing for the Montgomery County Council to pass a Passenger and Driver Bill of Rights that would lower fees to ensure drivers are paid a living wage, provide drivers with basic workplace protections, make sure customers receive the highest-quality service at lower prices and regulate companies like Uber.

Not surprisingly, lobbyists for companies like Barwood and Uber are trying to stop this, so they can keep more money in the pockets of their CEOs. That’s why we need Montgomery County residents to tell County Council members they support a Passenger and Driver Bill of Rights.

Sign the petition now to tell Montgomery County Council members you want them to support the drivers’ push for a Passenger and Driver Bill of Rights, so that taxi drivers can support their families and provide the best service to customers.