To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Teach Mental Tools/Cure Mental Ilness

End Psychiatry, Save Untold Lives and Dollars, Cure Mental Illness. Teach 12-Steps of Humans Anonymous Program Development of the Adult Mind

Why is this important?

Everyone is born dependent on others for the vital needs to develop the mind and body. Everyone is born with automatic reactions of fear and anger. End Psychiatry. Save Untold Lives and Dollars. The 12 Steps of Humans Anonymous empowers the development of the adult mind, curing mental illness.


Reasons for signing

  • CBT has shown there are alternatives to medication. The 12 steps programme should be given the same chance to prove itself
  • Working the advocacy road in the "Live Free or Die" State of Ne Hampshire. It's a tough road... just trying to keep on keepin' on being a good example by living my life in wellness, peace and solidarity.... They have different ideas here of "Freedom" much of it associated with the almighty dollar... If you don't have it... It's VERY dangerous in New Hampshire.... especially if you have been labeled as mentally ill... People are getting shot here on a regular basis... we really need good polic...
  • We desperately need to move away from the medical model and bring in a more holistic model to treat people suffering from emotional distress.