To: Matthew Whitaker, acting attorney general

Tell acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation

Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions after months of attacking the Department of Justice and FBI—and made Matthew Whitaker the acting attorney general. This is a direct attack on Mueller's investigation—especially because Whitaker has openly praised Trump's brand of right-wing politics and criticized Mueller for pursuing his investigation wherever it may lead. Whittaker must recuse himself from any involvement in the Mueller investigation just as Sessions had correctly done due to his own conflicts.

Why is this important?

Trump is scared and desperate after Republicans lost the House. Trump knows his corruption will finally be exposed so he forced Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign. He then put Matthew Whittaker in charge of the Department of Justice in what seems like a clear effort to undermine the Mueller investigation.

This is a moment of crisis for our nation and we need to be assured that Whitaker does not interfere as Trump clearly wants him to. That's why we're demanding Matthew Whitaker immediately recuse himself from any involvement in the Mueller investigation.


Reasons for signing

  • Mouth piece. Can you even do anything other then shave your head well?
  • Recuse yourself from the Mueller investigation!
  • Let justice be served! This should be the American way!