To: Bonnie Dumanis, San Diego County District Attorney

Tell Bonnie to Take 'Em Down!

Bonnie Dumanis, we call on you to take down your workers comp fraud billboards that are in Spanish. In the eyes of many, they denigrate an entire class of people (Latinos) and harm the quality of life in the neighborhoods where they stand.

Why is this important?

A Spanish-language billboard containing an intimidating, fear-mongering message about workers comp fraud is targeting Latinos. This billboard was put up by the San Diego County District Attorney in the very heart of North Park (and other neighborhoods in San Diego).

These offensive eyesores unfairly denigrate an entire class of people, negatively impact the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and remind some of notorious voter intimidation billboards designed to suppress legitimate voter turnout in some parts of the country ("Commit voter fraud, and go to jail.")


More background:

To call the District Attorney's office to voice your opinion of the billboard: 800-315-7672.

Please note that this petition is being delivered to the District Attorney's office electronically by once it reaches 50 signatures, and it will be delivered again every time it garners and additional 50 signatures ... until the offensive billboards come down. We are also mailing a hard copy of the petition with all signatures and comments to the District Attorney.

Our voices are being heard!