To: Rep. Mike Coffman [R-CO6]

Tell Colorado Republican Mike Coffman to Disavow Donald Trump

Mike Coffman must disavow Donald Trump.

Republicans who represent immigrant communities here in Colorado, like Mike Coffman, should defend their constituents against Donald Trump racist rhetoric rather than pander to Trump supporters motivated by fear and anger.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump is attacking immigrants with hateful racist rhetoric, and his campaign of fear and anger has inspired some his supporters to harass and attack people of color here in Colorado and across the country.

But rather than standing up to Donald Trump defending his constituents against Donald Trump racist rhetoric, Colorado Republican, Mike Coffman, is twisting himself into contortions to gain the support of immigrant voters in his district while pandering to Trump supporters motivated by fear and anger.

Recently, in the course of a day, Coffman’s campaign ran ads distancing himself from Trump, while simultaneously refusing to rule out an eventual Trump endorsement.

Mike Coffman is trying to play both sides, but we’re not buying it. Incidents of violence toward communities of color by Donald Trump supporters are on the rise, and it’s time for Mike Coffman to pick a side. History is watching.


Reasons for signing

  • As a voting US citizen & Colorado native overseas, I cannot support ANY candidate who does not reject and oppose Trump's dangerous sham candidacy. Do the right thing!
  • Mike Coffman needs to take a stand. He cannot have it both ways. Do
  • Can't have it both ways, if you want to actually represent "the people" you can't support scum like Trump.