To: Rep. Ken Buck (CO-4)

Tell Con Man Cory To Disclose "Good Life" Donors and Lobbyists

A CBS News investigative report disclosed a closed-door fundraiser held in 2012 on behalf of Rep. Cory Gardner and several other hand-picked Republican members of Congress. Special interest donors reportedly gave tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for access to Gardner and other members of Congress. Gardner even served as a “guest bartender” at a “happy hour” that required a $10,000 donation just to get in.

CBS News also reported that the top donors at this event went fishing with Gardner and other members on a fleet of expensive boats, including a yacht named “Good Life.”

We call on Gardner to disclose who he spent time with during this Florida junket, what deals he may have made while boating on the "Good Life," or who among the special interest donors he hob-nobbed with may be funding his U.S. Senate campaign today.

Why is this important?

The people of Colorado deserve better than a politician who claims to represent us while selling us out to corporate lobbyist and special interests on swanky yachts. Con Man Cory Gardner claims to be in Washington fighting for the people of Colorado, but his record tells a different story. Gardner has quickly become a creature of the Washington, D.C. insider crowd, taking advantage of every perk offered to him by corporate lobbyists and out-of-state special interests.


Reasons for signing

  • Just being a republican does not give you the right to supporting issues not beneficial to our state and country! Be honest and human, not REPUBLICAN!
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  • Tired of the Gardner attempt to be his own Cartel!