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To: U.S. Congress

Tell Congress: Ban Landmine Use!

Tell Congress: Ban Landmine Use!

Congress must ban new uses of anti-personnel landmines now, and call for the U.S. to join the Mine Ban Treaty.

Why is this important?

The Trump administration is ending existing U.S. prohibitions against the use of landmines.

Landmines have been internationally banned through the Mine Ban Treaty, signed by 164 countries in 1997. And rightly so. Landmines are extremely dangerous weapons — they disproportionately kill civilians, and remain long, long after a conflict ends.

Today, Congress has the opportunity to not just block Trump from using landmines, but to push the U.S. to join the Mine Ban Treaty as well. And that will ONLY happen if we get loud enough and make our members of Congress act. NOW.



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