To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Tell Congress: Don't ban pregnant women from entering the U.S.

I oppose HR 2484, the Ban Pregnant Women from Entering the U.S. Bill. I urge you to oppose this discriminatory, anti-women legislation.

Why is this important?

Republican Member of Congress Rep. Dana Rohrabacher introduced legislation that would ban pregnant women from entering the United States.

The law would require women entering the United States with B-1 or B-2 nonimmigrant visas to bring a note from a doctor certifying that either they are not pregnant or not expected to give birth during their time in the country.

This outrageous legislation is anti-women and anti-family. Please urge your Members of Congress and President Obama to oppose HR 2484.


Reasons for signing

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  • Please listen to your voters!
  • We must vote our interest, not the interest of a particular party. The republican party wants to take away healthcare from 6.5 million or more people. The republican party is anti-abortion. Why are they against a pregnant woman entering the United States. The republican people is a party full of hypocrites. The bills they put forward always consist of stupid policies. Discrimination against anyone, is discrimination against everyone.

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