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Tell Congress: Pass the wealth tax!

Tell Congress: Pass the wealth tax!

Congress must pass Elizabeth Warren's new wealth tax proposal, which would create $2.75 trillion in revenue in the next ten years. As the pandemic and climate disasters continue to exacerbate wealth inequality, millionaires and billionaires should be taxed in order to support a fair recovery.

Why is this important?

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Pramila Jayapal just announced their bold plan to pass a wealth tax. They're going to need our help to pass it.

Billionaires made more than $900 billion during the pandemic. Warren's plan would create a two percent tax on assets over $50 million dollars, which would generate $2.75 trillion over ten years.

As the pandemic exposed the deepest faults in American society, wealth inequality has taken off to new extremes. The wealthy have seen rising investment values, while the rest of the US is careening down a path marked with evictions, debt, and unemployment.

Can you tell Congress to pass a wealth tax?


Reasons for signing

  • So little from them would mean so much to others.
  • Not good for the country to have 100million+aires..and CERTAINLY don't need billionaires
  • Pretty obvious


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