To: Rep. George Butterfield (NC-1), Rep. George Holding (NC-2), Rep. Walter Jones (NC-3), Rep. David Price (NC-4), Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC-5), Rep. Mark Walker (NC-6), Rep. David Rouzer (NC-7), Rep. Richard Hudson (NC-8), Rep. Robert Pittenge...

Tell Congress the ACA is Here to Stay!

We are calling on you to stop wasting time and taxpayer dollars on repealing the health care law and instead, work to give people more power to keep big insurance and drug companies honest. Focus on improving the quality of care people receive and lower what we pay out of pocket.

Don’t waste any more time fighting the battles of five years ago. Work with your colleagues to improve the law and make our health care system better for all Americans. We cannot make the law better in the future if we are wasting our time in the past.

Why is this important?

The ACA is here to stay! That's a good thing because the law has delivered long-awaited patient protections, such as:

- Making it illegal for insurance companies to deny people with pre-existing conditions;

- Making it possible for people to find affordable coverage if they can’t get it through a job; and

- Making sure women aren’t unfairly charged more than men, and have access to important preventive benefits like cancer screenings and birth control.

Still, there is more we can do to make our health care system work better for everyone. We can do more to bring down premiums and lower what Americans pay out-of-pocket. We can give people more power against big insurance and drug companies.

But we can’t do that until Congress stops wasting time and taxpayer dollars on repealing the health care law.


Reasons for signing

  • MM Eden,NC
  • While The ACA is flawed, it is crucial to not repeal it without a replacement in place. As a 25 year old woman with chronic migraines, I worry my pre-existing condition will keep me from getting health insurance. This would in turn keep me from getting the pain medication that allows me to live my life, instead of spending my days in so much pain I cannot leave my bed. Please, consider me and every young person who was diagnosed with a disease when they were too young to have their own insu...
  • Give us the health care we can afford to everyone!!