To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Tell Congress to repeal Corporate "individual" Status

Corporations have been taking advantage of being classified as "individuals" for too long.

It is time to remove this status and return them to the strict corporate laws that were enacted to protect the public, and loopholes should be closed on tax status and the shifting of jobs overseas.

Corporations should be rewarded with tax incentives for creating new jobs within the U.S. and taxes heavily for all off-shore operations and jobs.

Why is this important?

Corporations are not persons and should not be considered as such.


Reasons for signing

  • repeal Corporate "individual" status
  • By giving corporations the status of "individual," we not only give up the power of prosecution, we allow foreign interest sway in our elections. It is now legal for foreign chairs and investors to make significant campaign contributions via corporations as well as domestic investors and chairs to circumvent campaign contribution caps by making donations through multiple corporations.
  • I think either they should all be tried and the sentence applied to all of the the same or that they should collectively be put in prison with a sentence that comes from a trial and apply the same sentence to all from the CEO down through the board and officers.