To: J. P. London, CACI chairman

Tell Defense Contractor: Stop Demanding That Tortured Abu Ghraib Prisoners Pay Your Legal Expenses

Stop demanding that Abu Ghraib torture victims who sued your company pay your legal expenses.

Why is this important?

In an outlandishly shameless case of adding insult to injury, the American defense contractor CACI is demanding that four Abu Ghraib inmates — who sued the company over allegations that its employees tortured them — pay its legal expenses.

The lawsuit was recently dismissed over matters of jurisdiction, without addressing the issue of torture. The former prisoners — who were never charged with a crime — have appealed, but now CACI wants them to pay $15,580 of its legal costs. By the way, CACI’s 2012 revenue of $3.8 billion breaks down to $7,230 per minute.

Whatever its true role at Abu Ghraib, how can CACI demand money from innocent torture victims when the company makes enough to cover those expenses — courtesy of the American taxpayers, no less — every two minutes?

Tell CACI chairman J. P. London to let it go.