To: Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General

Tell DOJ to Block Discriminatory Voter ID Laws

Dear Attorney General Holder:

We the undersigned request that you bring the full power of the United States Department of Justice to oppose any discriminatory laws that will disenfranchise voters, and to demand states’ compliance with the Voting Rights Act and other laws to ensure that the rights of voters are protected.

Why is this important?

The largest rollback in voting rights in over a century is now underway. A wave of restrictive laws passed in 13 states will mean that next year as many as 5 million Americans could find voting difficult, and even impossible. With even more states considering such legislation, the voting rights of over 21 million Americans nationwide could come under attack. In 2011, 38 states proposed legislation designed to make it harder to vote at every step of the process. New laws restrict the forms of ID allowed to vote, reduce early voting, place restrictions on voter registration, and deny voting rights to Americans with criminal records who have paid their debt to society—measures that disproportionately impact African Americans, Latinos, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and young voters. Sign this petition to Attorney General Eric Holder asking the Justice Department to enforce the Voting Rights Act and intervene to stop discriminatory voting laws. Visit for more information on protecting our voting rights.