To: The Illinois State Senate

Tell Donald Trump: Release your tax returns or you won't be on the Illinois ballot in 2020.

Add your name in support of Illinois Senate Bill 982—which would require any candidate for President or Vice President, including Donald Trump to release their tax returns—because we deserve to have confidence that our chief executives are acting in our interest, and not for their own potential financial gain.

Why is this important?

Until Trump releases his tax returns, we can't know who he's doing business with, or to whom he owes money. We can't get a complete picture of his conflicts of interest, though the ones we do know about—from guests at Trump hotels to involvement with foreign entities—are genuinely alarming.

This is dangerous for America. That's why I filed Senate Bill 982 to require any candidate for President or Vice President—including Donald Trump—to release their tax returns in order for their name to appear on the Illinois ballot in 2020.

In Illinois, a state that has been controlled by money and the machine for so long, releasing tax returns is just as important. It sends an important signal that our chief executive is ready to be held accountable to the people, and only the people.

It's why I released five years of my own personal tax returns and called on all Democratic candidates for Illinois governor to join me.

Governor Rauner released his returns, making us aware of potential conflicts of interest. If we are now calling on President Trump to release his returns, we should demand nothing less from any Democratic candidate for governor.

Passing this bill is one way to demand transparency not only from Trump, but from all the big-money politicians who seem to think the rules don't apply to them.

Together, we can send a message that we are serious about restoring trust in government and putting Illinois on a new course.

Join me in supporting Senate Bill 982 to tell Donald Trump: Release your tax returns or your name won't be on the ballot in Illinois in 2020.