To: Facebook

Tell Facebook to stop shutting political pages down when trolls attack

Recently, politically oriented pages on facebook - both serious and parody - have been facing a coordinated attack by trolls.

This happens to people regardless of their political leanings. Facebook shuts down first and asks questions later.

Administrators of these pages have also been targeted.

We petition Facebook to recognize the part it plays in the great public debate and institute a policy where individuals AND parody pages have the ability to react to an alleged "TOS" violation before their page is shut down..

Anything else is an affront to the first amendment.

Why is this important?

Facebook needs to stop their "presumed guilty" position on pages, and not allow trolls to shut down political pages by spamming them, then reporting them.

They are a vital part of the political debate - in this country and the world. They need to recognize that and err on the side of free speech.


Reasons for signing

  • #BernieHesOurMan!
  • Enough is enough
  • I'm shut down for political posts often.