To: Jim Mattis and President Donald Trump

Tell Gen. Mattis: stop blocking immigrants from joining the Army

General Mattis and Donald Trump are throwing out immigrants who took the oath to enlist, and terminating their contracts with no explanation. Now, they face the threat of deportation.

It's unacceptable and barbaric. We need to organize veterans to speak out and make clear to Secretary of Defense Mattis and the generals in the Pentagon that they can't pretend Trump's racist agenda doesn't affect them and must immediately halt and investigate immigrant servicemembers being kicked out.

Why is this important?

Through our country’s history, military service has been a path to citizenship for new Americans arriving on our shores. But Trump hates immigrants so much, he wants to slam even that door shut. And Secretary Mattis is standing by, doing nothing to defend these recruits.

Enough is enough. United we stand, and divided we fall. We’ll do whatever it takes to defend the rights of everyone who calls our country home. And we’ll vote out everyone who’s been complicit in Trump’s horrific policies of hate.

We’ve seen these policies halted before. We know that our people power can win. In the military we believe that you NEVER leave our comrades behind. And that rings just as true today as it did when I served. That’s why I know you’ll join us in fighting for a more just system for all of us.