To: Governor Greg Abbott

Tell Gov. Perry: Stop Using Faith to Divide Americans

Dear Gov. Perry:

I believe it is wrong for the governor's office to pick and choose which faiths will be favored at a public event. Therefore, I call on you to make The Response on August 6 open to speakers and attendees of all faiths, as well as welcoming to people of goodwill who are not affiliated with a faith tradition.

Moreover, I call on you to demonstrate your commitment to religious tolerance by ending the association between your office and the American Family Association.

The office of governor should represent ALL Texans and promote a culture of mutual respect for all of our state's diverse religious traditions.

Why is this important?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a long history of using faith as a political weapon. Now Gov. Perry has asked a hate group, the American Family Association, to organize a Christians-only event on August 6 in Houston that will sharpen divisions among Americans along religious and political lines. Other organizers of the event, "The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis," have a history of anti-Catholic rhetoric and other religious bigotry. One is so extreme that he has called the Statue of Liberty a “demonic idol.”

Sign on to an open letter from the Texas Freedom Network urging Gov. Perry to stop using faith to divide Americans.


Reasons for signing

  • Govenor Perry is using faith which is plainly stated within the Consitution to separate religion and the state; he's blantantly using his position to gain more power. He's been in office way toooo long. He knows the rules and has made his own by which to gain more power. His Lt has just been defeated from becoming the next Texas senator which leads me to believe Perry may some time down the road be successfully voted out of office. Time will tell. it's up to the people to join together and l...
  • anything about that?Insurance companies would have an ininetcve to exclude abortion coverage from their plans in order to make those plans suitable for receiving subsidized costumers. Deny it all you like, but the practical effect of government funds is to alter the ininetcves and promote the dissolution of abortion coverage where it currently exists.I would think this is obvious. It certainly has been to groups like NARAL and the ACLU, just not people that are . . . what's the phrase, ce...
  • Your raciest actons tell a lot about you.Do you think we don't see or care.your mistake!!! There are such things as recall movements & elections ! THINK !!!